By Hydration Room April 14, 2022

Getting ready for a trade show can be an exciting time. Amidst a whirl of activity, making plans and getting every little detail just right before you head off, you can also begin to feel fatigued long before the big day even arrives. And that can turn an invigorating experience into a day of stress and bad temper. So this year, stock up on Clif bars and kombucha the day before your tradeshow event, then take a trip to The Hydration Room to get a super hydration boost to help you make it through the sleepless days ahead.

Water Gives You Energy

While water in itself does not provide any energy — it has no calories — it is essential for the function of just about every process your body must complete, from temperature regulation to metabolism to immune function. When the cells that are responsible for these functions are well-hydrated, they work efficiently, so your body gets the most out of the energy sources you put into it (ie, food). Without ample water, in fact, your muscles can’t properly turn fat into energy, leading to more fat being stored in your body and a less energetic you.

IV Therapy Hydrates You Quickly and Completely

According to this study, it takes about ten minutes for water that you drink to start to reach your bloodstream, and around two hours for a bottle of water to be completely absorbed by your body. IV therapy bypasses the stomach and the intestines completely, and skips right to the bloodstream. Your blood can then carry the water directly where it needs to go; and with an IV, it can take in more water at a time than it would receive simply by drinking it, as, again, you can only absorb the water so fast through your gastrointestinal tract.

IV Therapy Also Provides Essential Vitamins

So IV therapy delivers energy-boosting, metabolism-speeding, mood-lifting water to your body quickly and efficiently, with effects that last up to three days, not to mention. What more could you ask for? Well, when you’re gearing up for a potentially stressful event, it can’t hurt to have some added B vitamins. The B vitamins, including thiamine, niacin, folic acid, and inositol, just to name a few, are commonly used by naturopathic practitioners to help treat anxiety, depression, and — guess what — chronic stress. Our IV therapy at The Hydration Room includes B vitamins and a few other energizing vitamins to keep you going and in a great mood so that you can handle anything.

Get Ready For Your Trade show with a Visit to The Hydration Room

The most successful events are managed by people who are in top form, fully aware of everything that is going and able to respond to any potentially devastating setback with their humor intact. A trip to The Hydration Room could mean the difference between a three-day nightmare, and an exhilarating success.

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