Why Vitamin C Should Be Administered Via IV Therapy

By Hydration Room December 9, 2022
Why Vitamin C Should Be Administered Via IV Therapy

The benefits of vitamin C have been lauded by health professionals for decades. This special vitamin isn’t made in our bodies, so the only way we can receive its powerful effects is by consuming it. Vitamin C can:

  • Repair damaged hair
  • Minimize wrinkles and dry skin
  • Aid your body in recovery from strenuous tasks, like pregnancy or surgery, and viral infection

Most people choose to eat foods rich in vitamin C, like oranges and lemons, which can support you on a day-to-day basis. However, when nutrients pass through your digestive tract, your body isn’t able to absorb all of them. Also oral vitamin C can cause GI upset and diarrhea. That is why, to reap the benefits of high-potency vitamin C, we recommend that it be administered (when necessary) via IV therapy.

Vitamin C Is Integral to Immune Health

In Fall, it’s critical to power your immune system so that you can fight the f viral infections Other than getting a vaccine, Vitamin C is one of the best ways to help boost your immune system because it improves your body’s capability to fight infections.

However, for oral vitamin C doses over 1g/day, absorption falls to less than 50%. Instead of paying for a bunch of expensive vitamin C supplements, book an appointment for Vitamin C IV therapy. Inserting the vitamin C intravenously bypasses your GI tract, and it allows your body to absorb up to 100% of the dose.

Vitamin C Supplements Can Upset Your Stomach

If you choose to take your vitamin C as a supplement, in large quantities, it can do the opposite of what you intended, making you feel sick. While it’s unlikely to cause you much harm long-term, ingesting too much vitamin C can give you:

  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach ache

Instead of paying for supplements, use vitamin C IV therapy. An IV allows for larger doses that won’t upset your stomach. Vitamin C is water-soluble, so it’s safe to take it in an IV, and it won’t build up in your body or cause any long-term issues.

Vitamin C IV Therapy Can Quickly Cure Vitamin C Deficiency

While scurvy seems like a thing of the past, it’s not. People still suffer from vitamin C deficiencies. If you struggle with symptoms including fatigue, a poor immune system, dry skin, aching in your muscles and joints, bleeding gums, sudden weight gain, or irritated skin, you may not be getting enough vitamin C.

You can try to cure this by incorporating more vitamin C-rich foods into your life, like citrus, bell peppers, strawberries, and tomatoes. However, if you’re really hurting, the fastest way to solve the problem is to get a dose of vitamin C via IV therapy. Instead of waiting 24 hours for your body to digest and absorb vitamin C from food, your vitamin C levels can be increased in a few hours. Plus, you’ll feel the benefits of vitamin C IV therapy for two to three weeks after your appointment.

Vitamin C IV Therapy Can Improve Symptoms in Cancer Patients

If you’re a cancer patient struggling with your symptoms, talk to your doctor to see if a vitamin C IV therapy treatment is right for you. Studies have shown that high doses of vitamin C given intravenously may improve symptoms, and even prolong life, in patients with terminal cancer. At high doses, vitamin C can be toxic to cancer cells via its oxidative properties

Vitamin C IV therapy may help cancer patients battle terrible side effects, including fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. When cancer patients feel better, it elevates their mood, and they’ll have more energy to do what they love.

Come In for a Vitamin C IV Therapy Treatment at Hydration Room Today

Flu season is just around the corner, so prepare your body with the tools it needs to fight infection. Book an appointment for your vitamin C IV therapy treatment at one of our convenient Southern California locations today.

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