Up Your Metabolism: MIC Shots for Weight Loss

By Hydration Room September 8, 2021
Up Your Metabolism: MIC Shots for Weight Loss

Metabolism and weight loss are two concepts that go hand in hand. Do you want to experience effective and lasting weight loss? The secret lies in retraining your metabolism to facilitate and maintain your weight goals.

As individuals, we do have the power to influence our metabolism. Following a diet that encourages your metabolism to rely on your fat stores can help improve your metabolism. Likewise, increasing the calories you burn daily through exercise can also coax your metabolism to run that much faster.

However, these methods have limits. Other factors like genetics can limit the extent you can alter your metabolism. For example, you can work to make your metabolism run faster, but there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get it to run at the same rate as an active Olympic athlete.

MIC shots can be used to help increase your metabolism beyond what you achieve through diet and exercise, while also helping you combat weight loss plateaus. That’s why the Hydration Room calls our MIC shot a Skinny Shot.

MIC Shots for Weight Loss

A MIC shot is an injection that encourages your metabolism to work at a faster rate. MIC stands for methionine inositol choline. These are all fat burning amino acids that prompt your metabolism to break down your fat stores to use as fuel. When combined together for the purpose of metabolizing fat, these amino acids along with some vitamins and minerals are collectively referred to as lipotropics.

Which Amino Acids  Are Used in MIC Shots for Weight Loss?

At the Hydration Room, we use the following amino acids and vitamins in our mic shots to encourage weight loss:


Part of the namesake of the MIC shot, methionine facilitates muscle growth and energy. In addition to breaking down fat, methionine helps us maintain our skin, nails and hair.


Another member of the MIC shot namesake, inositol helps us convert nutrients to energy, a key function of our metabolism. As an added bonus, inositol is prescribed medically to lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides. 


The final letter of the MIC acronym belongs to choline. Choline is largely important for liver functions, notably preventing fat from building up in the liver. If one of the reasons you want to pursue weight loss is because of a previous high fat diet, having healthy choline levels is imperative.

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

More commonly known as vitamin B6, pyridoxine hydrochloride is needed for protein and homocysteine metabolism, as well as energy production. Pyridoxine hydrochloride is also needed to properly absorb methylcobalamin, another ingredient in MIC shots for weight loss. 


Methylcobalamin or vitamin B12 works to create new cells while also being responsible for our energy levels. Individuals with chronic fatigue may take B12 to combat their symptoms. In a MIC shot, this can help give you the energy to exercise. 


The last ingredient of our MIC shots for weight loss is L-carnitine. L-carnitine is an amino acid that first and foremost converts fat into energy. This makes L-carnitine an imperative part of a MIC shot.

What Results Can I Expect From MIC Shots for Weight Loss?

It needs to be noted that MIC shots are not a miracle weight loss solution. MIC shots work by enhancing the speed of your metabolism. Without implementing lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet and increased exercise, your results may be limited. Individuals who used MIC shots as a supplement to their lifestyle changes saw weight loss of 5-10 pounds. 

As a result, MIC shots are popular with people who have hit a weight loss plateau. A weight loss plateau refers to a period of time that your weight remains steady, despite still following your weight loss plan. This can occur for several reasons, the most common seeming to be that your body has adjusted to your new lifestyle and views it as the new normal. While this is overall progress and good news, it can be frustrating for people just over their target weight. MIC shots can give your metabolism an extra boost and help you lose those last few pounds.

At the end of the day, MIC shots are simply a way to enhance the weight loss results you’re already working for. MIC shots for weight loss can be administered up to twice a week and should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise to see results. To schedule your Skinny Shot, find your nearest Hydration Room today.

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