Prepare for Your Next Holiday Party With a Hangover IV

By Hydration Room November 30, 2023
Prepare for Your Next Holiday Party With a Hangover IV

The holiday season is an exciting time of year. With Halloween parties, Thanksgiving feasts, Hanukkah celebrations, and more, it’s a great opportunity to see friends and family that you may miss during the rest of the year.

If alcohol is on the docket for your next holiday party, then consider planning ahead with a Hangover IV from the Hydration Room. Once you learn what they are, when you’ll need one, and how they work, you’ll want to make Hangover IVs a part of your holiday tradition.

What Is a Hangover IV?

In short, hangover IVs help you feel better, faster, after a night of drinking. A hangover IV contains exhaustion-fighting vitamins, electrolytes, and a non-narcotic pain reliever. These are all delivered straight to your bloodstream via an IV. This allows your body to use these critical nutrients immediately to combat the symptoms of your hangover.

Hydration is key the night after drinking. A hangover IV rehydrates your body faster than Pedialyte or any other electrolyte drink. While these can be helpful, the water and nutrients have to be digested through your stomach first before they can be delivered to other parts of your body. A hangover IV circumvents the digestive tract and goes straight to your bloodstream so that your cells can use the nutrients immediately.

What Is a Hangover IV Used For?

A hangover IV is used in two different ways to help your body better withstand alcohol. Before a party (or any occasion that calls for alcohol), receive a hangover IV to ensure that you’re properly hydrated. This can combat the effects of a hangover so that you feel better the next day.

A hangover IV can also be used the day after a night out drinking. If you’ve got a terrible headache, upset stomach, or feel dehydrated, a hangover IV gives your body the ingredients needed to get back on your feet.

How Does a Hangover IV Work?

In general, our bodies can have vastly different reactions to the effects of alcohol. But one thing that alcohol does to everyone is that it dehydrates your system. Alcohol disturbs regular kidney function and inhibits the absorption of water. So even if you’re drinking water throughout the night, your body won’t be able to use it like it normally does.

This deficit of water leads to one of the most common symptoms of a hangover: headaches. To eliminate dehydration headaches, a hangover IV delivers the equivalent of eight glasses of water into your system. This ensures a vast improvement in feeling better before or after a party. And of course, non-narcotic pain relievers deliver fast headache relief, so you won’t have to suffer through pain that feels like incessant hammering on your head.

Hangover IVs also work to help with an upset stomach. For many people, alcohol irritates the stomach lining, leading to intense pain and gastrointestinal distress. Inside our stomachs there’s a layer called the “mucous membrane.” Our body is always adding to it, but alcohol interferes, causing distress. This makes it hard to consume food without feeling sick.

However, it’s critical to eat and drink to start feeling better from a hangover. An IV for hangovers delivers anti-nausea ingredients to prevent vomiting, so that you can lower the alcohol content in your system by enjoying a nice breakfast or lunch the day after.

To note, it’s important to not assume a hydration IV means that you can drink as much as you want. Practice healthy drinking habits, such as not going over the recommended amount for your gender or age, and follow the CDC drinking guidelines.

Excessive drinking can lead to small intestine absorption disorders, among other issues, so always be careful about the amount of alcohol that you consume.

Receive a Hangover IV at Hydration Room

Treat yourself to relief the day after drinking with a hangover IV at Hydration Room. Our hydration clinics are welcoming, peaceful environments that give you a chance to rest and relax. Our hangover IV session lasts about half an hour and is administered by our registered nurses. Make the most of this holiday season and book an appointment today for a hydration IV.

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