Natural Weight Loss with Metabolism Shots

By Hydration Room December 3, 2021
Natural Weight Loss with Metabolism Shots

Many of us are frustrated by what we perceive as slow metabolisms. What most people don’t consider, is that until the 20th century having a slow metabolism was beneficial. Because securing food was such a high energy task, and the food we did eat was lower in calories, the ability to hold onto fat is what kept us alive during times of famine.

Nowadays, we’re able to produce and harvest food high in calories and intense exercise is a hobby rather than a method of survival. As a result, our perception of metabolism has flipped. Modern society instead values fast metabolisms that allow us to eat high calorie foods and avoid exercising without gaining weight.

Like many other aspects of our biological makeup, our metabolism is influenced by our genetics. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t influence our metabolism. Regularly exercising, practicing healthy eating habits, and boosters like metabolism shots can all work to increase our metabolic rate and promote natural weight loss.

The Relationship Between Fat, Weight, and Metabolism

When we use the term “weight” in relation to the human body, we are almost always talking about fat. For example, when we say “I gained weight” or “I need to lose weight” we aren’t referring to other components that account for body weight like muscles, organs, or bones. Despite fat being just as vital as these other components, we often attribute fat to be the result of a lack of self control or some other moral failing. So why do we respond this way to fat?

Our body produces fat when we intake more calories than we use. Rather than wasting the excess fuel, our body takes the energy we gained from the calories and transforms it into fat stores to be used later. The next time we use more calories than we intake, our metabolism breaks down these fat stores to convert back into energy. Because our body doesn’t produce additional muscles, organs, or bones, we blame our body’s energy efficiency for fat and weight gain.

The speed of our metabolism affects how our body uses and stores energy. Fast metabolisms burn through fuel faster, and are more likely to draw on fat stores than create them. Slow metabolisms burn through fuel at a slower rate, and are more likely to create fat stores than draw on them. We each have a natural metabolic rate that affects how and if we gain or lose weight.

Metabolism Shots and Natural Weight Loss

Luckily, our metabolism doesn’t work in a vacuum. We can influence our metabolism to work at a faster or slower pace with diet, exercise, and other boosters like metabolism shots.

Metabolism shots work to naturally improve our metabolic process by injecting the body with lipotropics. Lipotropics are fat loving/ burning amino acids that are naturally occuring within the body. By increasing the amount of lipotropics in your body, metabolism shots encourage the body to break up and use fat stores, resulting in weight loss.

However, it should be noted that metabolism shots are not a complete weight loss remedy. Metabolism shots work as an amplifier in combination with your other weight loss efforts. Think of a swimmer wearing a pair of flippers. While the swimmer can go much faster while wearing the flippers, they still have to put effort into swimming or they’ll stay in place. The same is true for metabolism shots. If metabolism shots are your only weight loss strategy, you may see little to no improvement.

Improve Your Weight Loss Efforts with Metabolism Shots

Overall, metabolism shots are a low impact and effective way to enhance your weight loss efforts. Because metabolism shots use fat burning amino acids that are already natural to the body, you avoid the health risks associated with weight loss drugs. Additionally, metabolism shots are designed to work alongside your weight loss efforts to improve results. This results in healthy staggered weight loss rather than a fad diet relapse or cosmetic procedure.

Get the most out of your weight loss efforts. Schedule a metabolism shot with your local Hydration Room.

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