How Vitamin Injections Increase Your Serotonin

By Hydration Room January 12, 2021
How Vitamin Injections Increase Your Serotonin


After the intense holiday season, it’s natural to head into the new year feeling drained and flat. One possible solution to this is serotonin injections. While we don’t offer a direct serotonin injection, our Happy Shot works to increase the production of positive neurotransmitters like serotonin. In addition to this, the happy shot works in several other ways to improve your mood.

Kickstart Endorphin Production

While someone may not be clinically depressed or formally diagnosed with anxiety, that doesn’t mean your neurotransmitters are working as effectively as they should be. The happy shot utilizes Vitamin B6 to kickstart your body’s endorphin production, resulting in more happy neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

While not a direct serotonin injection, the happy shot provides a natural way to lift your mood without having to rely on medication. This makes the Happy Shot perfect for anyone needing a pick-me-up after a stressful event.

Combat Stress and Anxiety

For individuals who frequently interact with high stakes environments and situations, day to day activities can begin to take a toll on their mental and physical well being. The two most common responses are stress and anxiety. These feelings follow us even after we are removed from the tense circumstances. A Happy Shot can help relieve these negative feelings by upping the production of happy neurotransmitters.

Because our bodies physically respond to stress and anxiety, it’s important to have a method for managing these feelings. Some individuals without access to serotonin injections take up activities like exercise to produce endorphins while others may plan social gatherings to unwind. A Happy Shot is just another way to manage detrimental feelings without a prescription. 

Stabilize Your Mood

Aside from reducing stress and anxiety, happy shots work to stabilize your overall mood. There is no cure for negative emotions, but the production of positive neurotransmitters can help reduce the intensity of these emotions and prevent frequent mood swings.

Essentially, Happy Shots help you respond with an appropriate emotional level. Your emotions are not suppressed in any way, just tailored to the situation you are in. For example, you wouldn’t have the same emotional response to forgetting to buy an ingredient for dinner as you would after breaking up with a significant other.

Fight Insomnia

Sleep is one of our most powerful tools for maintaining mental and physical health. Unfortunately, those with insomnia are unable to consistently get the rest they need. One cause of insomnia is a lack of endorphin production. When insomniacs frequently miss out on nights of sleep, their natural endorphin production is slowed, which in turn fuels insomnia for another night.

A Happy Shot can be used to help break this cycle by triggering the necessary endorphin production. Once a natural sleep pattern has been reestablished, the neurotransmitters will be able to work without assistance to maintain your sleep schedule.

While we can’t provide serotonin injections, our Happy Shots help your body to produce more positive neurotransmitters like serotonin. In turn, this increased endorphin production can help reduce stress and anxiety. Your overall mood also benefits as it helps stabilize your emotions to prevent mood swings while helping you to react appropriately to negative situations. Finally, a Happy Shot can help fight chronic insomnia as serotonin helps us fall asleep.  

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