Holiday Traveling and IV Therapy for Jet Lag

By Hydration Room December 3, 2021
Holiday Traveling and IV Therapy for Jet Lag

Traveling is part of the holidays. Whether you’re driving a city over or flying across the country, this holiday season millions of Americans will be traveling to reconnect with their families. However, one unwelcome side effect of holiday travel is having to deal with jet lag. Jet lag can be especially brutal when a trip only lasts a few days. Once you adjust to a new time zone, you have to return home and start the process all over again.

What Causes Jet Lag?
Plane travel interferes with our circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm refers to the approximately 24 hour cycle our body runs on; it’s the reason why we feel sleepy at night and naturally wake up in the morning. Circadian rhythm is largely influenced by our exposure to light and dark.

When we fly on a plane, we’re usually traveling larger distances that result in a time change. Time either moves forward or backward depending on our direction of travel. Jet lag occurs when our body’s circadian rhythm doesn’t match with our environment’s light cues. As a result, you may feel tired or disoriented until your body has time to adjust to the change. Once your body is back in tune with your environment’s light cues, your jet lag symptoms will stop.

Jet Lag Gets Made Worse By
On its own, jet lag is already an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, it can easily be made worse by other common travel side effects like:

It’s difficult to stay sufficiently hydrated on a plane. Our access to water is limited and often in small portions, unless we opt to bring our own on board. Additionally, we’re motivated to drink less as using the restroom on a plane often requires us to inconvenience fellow passengers. This is made worse by the low humidity of airplane cabins. Approximately half of the air on a plane is sourced from outside of the plane cabin. Air at this altitude tends to have very low moisture content resulting in air that can dry out our skin and impact hydration.

Because our body’s system is dependent on being hydrated for a majority of its functions, being dehydrated can make jet lag feel worse and cause a variety of other symptoms like headaches, dry mouth, and dizziness.

Germ Exposure
While germ exposure is a very real aspect of plane travel, air filtration systems are not to blame. The actual cause of increased germ exposure is our proximity to other passengers. Space on planes is more limited than ever, forcing passengers to be in close contact for hours at a time. Additionally, because planes service multiple flights per day, even if your neighbors are healthy, the germs from past passengers can remain on frequently touched areas like seats, tray tables, and seatbelts.

Jet lag and illness go hand in hand. If your system is fighting jet lag, you may be more vulnerable to becoming sick. Vice versa, if you’re fighting a cold, you may experience more intense jet lag.

Air travel is an inherently stressful experience. You may have a scheduled flight, but other factors can cause your plans to change at the drop of a hat. Weather, technical issues, and overbooking can cause your straight forward flight to morph into two delayed flights and a five hour layover. Even if the flying itself goes well, you may be worried about missing luggage or dealing with travel anxiety or a phobia of flying.

Much like illness, stress can take an extreme toll on our system. Passengers who experience more stress on a flight may have increased symptoms of jet lag or find their recovery time has slowed.

IV Therapy for Jet Lag
The ultimate cure for jet lag is rest and time, but many of us don’t have the option of gradually adjusting to a new schedule. For faster and improved recovery time, passengers can try an IV therapy for jet lag.

Fight Jet Lag
Our IV therapy for jet lag includes electrolyte balanced fluid to help you feel energized. Additionally, the electrolytes can help you fight fatigue and adjust to your new schedule.

Hydrate Faster
IV therapy for jet lag helps you to rehydrate at a faster and more effective rate. Because the therapy is administered into the bloodstream, IV therapy for jet lag bypasses the digestive system which takes time to absorb water and other beneficial additives. Instead, the body can immediately start using the water to rehydrate and fuel the body. Likewise, this method of therapy is able to hydrate in larger doses than just drinking water.

Boost Your Immune System
Jet lag IV therapy includes a dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other anti-inflammatories to power your body’s immune system. You can’t always avoid germ exposure, but you can give your immune system the support it needs to fight illness.

Stop Stress
The Hydration Room’s IV therapy for jet lag replenishes your supply of amino acids, which then go on to fuel neurotransmitters. In particular, these neurotransmitters work to reduce depression, anxiety, and fatigue so you feel better faster.

Don’t let jet lag ruin the spirit of the season. Remove the negative side effects of holiday travel and schedule an IV therapy for jet lag after your next flight.

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