Get Quick Pain Relief From Anywhere With Mobile IV Therapy

By Hydration Room December 9, 2022
Get Quick Pain Relief From Anywhere With Mobile IV Therapy

After a late night out, a long plane ride, or whenever you’re just not feeling well, the last place you want to be is an office. Sitting and waiting for a doctor to see you or to receive treatment can feel like forever when your body is not feeling 100%.

That’s why the specialists at the Hydration Room offer in-office appointments and mobile IV therapy.

Why Choose Mobile IV Therapy?

While many doctor’s offices can’t go mobile because of specialized equipment, that’s not the case with mobile IV therapy. You receive the same great treatment whether you come into the office or the office comes to you, with the bonus of these great benefits from mobile IV therapy.

Avoid the Hassle of Driving to an Office

If you’ve ever had such a bad headache after a hangover, lacking the ability to even look out the window, then you know how impossible it feels to have to drive somewhere. While studies aren’t entirely conclusive, there’s reason to believe that migraines can contribute to poorer driving.

Instead of taking the risk of driving when you don’t feel well or when you have a pounding headache, bring the treatment to you with mobile IV therapy. Plus, multiple family members can receive treatment at once with the mobile option. Schedule a treatment in advance for the day after a big party so that everyone can get back on their feet quickly.

Custom Therapies Curated to Meet Your Needs

No two bodies are the same, so you shouldn’t take one-size-fits-all medications to treat symptoms. Mobile IV therapy offers many different treatments with customizable options to best suit your ailments.

Before a custom treatment, you’ll consult with a nurse on staff to address your symptoms and goals. Then, a custom IV cocktail consisting of vitamins, amino acids, fluids, electrolytes, and antioxidants will be brought to your door and given through an IV. The process only takes about 30-45 minutes.

Faster Than Oral Supplements

Many people swear by vitamin C packets, but these are given orally, and must be broken down through your digestive tract. It takes much longer because your body has to metabolize the nutrients before they can be used. It’s estimated that your body may only absorbs 50% of the nutrients administered this way. Plus, oral supplements don’t offer extra hydration as an IV does.

When you receive mobile IV therapy, the nutrients bypass your digestive system and are inserted straight into your bloodstream for up to 100% absorption. This lets your body use them for critical processes faster, allowing you to feel better in hours instead of days. Plus, the extra fluids from the IV help hydrate your body quickly. Proper hydration relieves stress, and helps you recover much faster from a hangover or a hard workout.

Administered by Professionals

Try standing in the vitamin aisle and picking the right supplements or pills. There are sometimes hundreds of options. While you can do some internet research, it’s difficult to discern the credibility of the sources you read.

When you choose mobile IV therapy, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will be administering your treatment, and they can help you select the right options for your specific symptoms. Instead of wasting time with guesswork, you’ll receive a treatment that’s right for you.

Treat Your Employees This Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, which means fun Christmas parties and sometimes late nights to meet end-of-year deadlines before everyone leaves for the break. Treat your employees in advance and schedule some mobile IV therapy appointments. These one-on-one sessions can help give your employees the boost they need to make it through the work week before the holidays.

The medical professionals at the Hydration Room offer mobile IV services throughout Southern California, and they can come to you. Book an appointment with us today to discover which IV treatment is right for you.

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