Benefits of Getting NAD IV Therapy

By Hydration Room September 24, 2020
Benefits of Getting NAD IV Therapy

What is NAD?

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. NAD is a coenzyme responsible for many important processes in the body such as maintaining a healthy metabolism. In addition to being responsible for energy in the body, NAD is also used to support our internal organs and neurological systems.

What is NAD IV Therapy?

While NAD is present in every cell in the body, IV therapy can be used to increase NAD levels and treat certain health issues. By utilizing NAD IV therapy, the digestive system is bypassed allowing for peak absorption. These increased levels of absorption allow patients to receive therapies for problems like addiction, aging, neurological decline, athletic performance, and of course, metabolism.


NAD IV therapy can be used as a tool to fight against addiction. Patients who struggle with substance abuse are often depleted of certain vitamins and minerals. NAD works to detoxify the brain and replace these missing nutrients all while flushing out stored drugs within the body. Individuals who take part in NAD IV therapy also experience lighter withdrawal symptoms, as NAD binds to opiate receptors. This works to curb cravings while reducing the possibility of a relapse.


As we get older, the cell replication process becomes less efficient due to our DNA becoming damaged from various factors. NAD IV therapy can be used to counter the effects of aging by protecting DNA from future damage and by repairing current damage. Additionally, NAD increases the effectiveness of the sirtuin, Sir2p, which can determine the side effects of aging. This results in fewer physical changes like wrinkles and also works to increase energy.


Patients who undergo NAD IV therapy see an improvement in cognitive function. As mentioned with NAD’s anti-aging properties, NAD increases the effectiveness of various sirtuins. These sirtuins can combat the progress of neurodegenerative diseases as well as the mental decline associated with aging. Patients report improved mood, memory, and mental clarity among other benefits.


NAD can be used to enhance athletic performance. Individuals who took antioxidants that stimulated NAD production saw improvement in endurance and performance. Because NAD can increase mental clarity, it can also affect aspects of physical performance like reaction times. NAD is also crucial in muscle development and repair. Utilizing NAD IV therapy is a more effective way of administering NAD for the purpose of improving athletic performance.


Our metabolism is directly responsible for the conversion of food into energy. When our metabolism is working efficiently, we have higher energy levels and have an easier time losing or maintaining weight. NAD is a key component in metabolic regulation, making it essential for patients who want a faster metabolism. Patients that use NAD IV therapy to improve their metabolic rate can experience boosts in energy as well as weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

NAD IV therapy is an effective method of increasing your body’s NAD levels while treating several health issues. NAD can be used to help patients struggling with addiction by reducing withdrawal symptoms and replenishing vital nutrients in the brain. Using NAD can also help reduce the effects of aging by tackling physical symptoms and helping to improve neurological performance. Athletes who use NAD can experience improved physical performance and endurance, while ensuring efficient muscle development and repair. Finally, NAD’s impact on a patient’s metabolism can result in weight loss and an energy boost.

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